30% of you don’t know about the Town Market on James Island

by Sandra Stringer

Last week I posted a set of questions on the Bugle Facebook page:

Hello dear readers! Query: Do you know about the Town Market on James Island every Saturday? If yes, have you been to it yet? If no, just say “no”. It has come to my attention that not many people seem to know that the Town Market exists. Of course, hardly anyone knows about the Bugle either!

A helpful pie chart.
A helpful pie chart.

The result? 48% had both heard of it and visited. 21% had heard of it but never visited. 30% had never even heard of it! Sacre bleu! You’d think the Bugle didn’t have the ear of the entire population of James Island! Oh…we don’t. You’re right.  But…we DO have almost 2,000 people following us on Facebook, and surely all of them see every single post we make, right? Alas, no. Unless a reader has chosen the coveted “See first” addition when they click on the button to “Follow” us, they won’t see every post, due to mysterious Facebook algorithms.

I have no answer for that, except to ask you to please share this article on your Facebook page so that more people can become aware of both the Bugle and the Town Market. Because even though this is a highly informal poll with a small sample size, it may represent something close to the truth, which is over 50% of James Islanders haven’t visited our cool Town Market yet.

Fruits and vegetables at the Town Market on James Island.

I have been several times and have even posted a video or two of my visits on our Facebook page. I always enjoy it there. I went again this past Saturday with an eye to writing this article you are reading.

I went rather early, driving up Harbor View Drive with my windows down. The love bugs have blessedly gone through their cycle and the air has the slightest tang of autumn. Of course, it’s so slight that you’d need meteorological equipment to prove it exists, but still – it’s definitely not like July or August anymore.

Today, pulling into the parking lot, the first thing I noticed was the goat tied to the Windhaven Farms stand. A small group of kids stood on the other side of the fence having a very serious discussion about the goat and if its pointy horns could kill them.

The Town Market is definitely a fun place for kids. A big field to run around in, a jump castle, the occasional goat, and the James Island Cowboys often show up to give kids a chance to sit on a genuine full-size horse. The horses weren’t there when I came through, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

Local honey being sold at the Town Market on James Island.Notable temptations on this trip were the pumpkins at the produce stand and the coconut cake at the Tenacious Tart. There are vendors of local goat cheese, local meat, local honey, local chocolate, and local baked goods. There are also art, clothing, and jewelry vendors.

There is usually a musician or group playing during the Market. This week it was a young man who played both the digeridoo (!) and the banjo while I wandered and browsed.

The Town Market only started up this summer, and every time I go it has grown a little more. Hopefully, if you haven’t been yet, you’ll take the time to visit next Saturday.

Myself, when I left the Town Market and headed home, I passed the James Island Cowboys on their horses, making their way up Harbor View Road to the Market. One of these Saturdays I’ll time it right.

The Town Market is located at the Soccer Field at 871 Fort Johnson Road. The Town Market on James Island is seeking vendors of all sorts and types. See Alexandra Purro at the Farm Stand (1444 Folly Rd, James Island, across from Pet Helpers), text 843-471-7845 for more information, or feel free to email Nanofarmssc@gmail.com.



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    1. Gah! *forehead slap* You are so right! The Town Market is located at the Soccer Field at 871 Fort Johnson Road…and I’ll add it to the article as well!


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