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The James Island Bugle is a place to find information on and stories about James Island, South Carolina. We are always happy to get new information from our readers. We are a no-profit newspaper. We do not carry ads and we have no income, so all of our contributors, including our Editor and Art Director, are not paid. We do not have a hard copy edition. We are only available online through this website and our Facebook page. If you are on Facebook, please like and follow our page to keep abreast of all the doings on James Island.

Sandra Stringer

Lani Mustard Stringer
Art Director

2017 Contributors

Gretchen Stringer-Robinson

Rick Stringer

Liz McCafferty

Kathy Woolsey

Susan W. Pidgeon

Catherine Forester

Thomas Ambrose Bierce

Lindsey W. Henderson

Shawn Halifax

Garrett Milliken

Katie Dahlheim

Katherine Williams

Nancy Hadley

Catherine Parler

Yes, we are looking for more contributors! If you have an area of interest that connects to our James Island readers and you have the time/energy to do it, please feel free to write to us and tell us your idea at .