The election is on Tuesday, November 7. Are you supposed to vote?

Amy Brennan
Amy Brennan

by Sandra Stringer

Being a voter on James Island is a complicated business because, depending on where your house sits, you live in either the Town of James Island, the City of Charleston, or the Unincorporated area of James Island. Where you live will tell you whether you have a vote in the next local election.

How do I figure it out?

Go to put in your address (street only, abbreviate DR or BLVD or ST or AV, so for example type in SMITH ST). If it says your jurisdiction is “County of Charleston”, then you are in the unincorporated area. If it says you are “City of Charleston” or “Town of James Island”, then you’re already part of one or the other.

William Dudley Gregorie
William Dudley Gregorie

Or you can call the Town of James Island at (843) 795-4141, give them your address, and find out your status.

If you are a renter on James Island and have registered to vote at your address here, you should check your eligibility too. Some of the City apartments/townhomes/condo complexes in District 6 and District 12 include: The Quarterdeck, Regatta, Mira Vista, Riverland Woods, The Standard, SpyGlass, The Peninsula condos on Daniel Ellis Dr.,
apartments and townhomes on Rivers Point Row, and Point James Condos on Camp Road. Double check using the instructions above to be sure.

James Island Seats on Charleston City Council

So let’s say that you find out you are “City of Charleston”. The next step is the figure out if you are in District 6 or District 12, which are the two seats up for election on James Island this year. In this November’s election if you live on James Island AND are in the City of Charleston Jurisdiction AND you’re in either District 12 or District 6, you will be voting for a City of Charleston Council Seat.

How do you figure out which seat you might be voting for? Go to, then put in your address. If you have trouble with the address field like I did, you can zoom in and move around until you find your neighborhood and then your house.

Carol Jackson
Carol Jackson

If your location isn’t color coded, you’re not part of the City of Charleston. You are either in Town of James Island or in one of the unincorporated areas of James Island. If it’s color coded but not listing as District 6 or District 12, you won’t be voting in this election.

I’m voting in the City of Charleston Council Election! Who am I voting for?

Running for District 6 are Amy Brennan and William Dudley Gregorie (incumbent). Fran Clasby has withdrawn from the race.

Running for District 12 are Carol Jackson and the incumbent Kathleen Wilson.

There will be a Charleston City Council Forum for Districts 6 and 12 at Camp Road Middle School on October 16 at 6 pm. Camp Road Middle School is located at 1484 Camp Road.

Kathleen Wilson
Kathleen Wilson
Is there a Town of James Island election?

There are no elections for the Town of James Island this year.

Are there any state elections that James Islanders will be voting on this year?

None that I’ve heard about, but I’ll let you know if I hear otherwise! I feel pretty confident that these are the only elections we’ll see on James Island ballots this year. I mean, I haven’t seen yard signs for anything other than the elections discussed above, but maybe you have? Let me know if you know something I don’t!

Additionally, VOTE411 gives more information

The League of Women Voters of the Charleston Area is proud to provide voter-friendly information at is a nonpartisan “one-stop-shop” for all election-related materials that voters in the Charleston area need. VOTE411 prepares voters with more information about down ballot candidates and issues than any other voter resource.

Before elections voters can enter their home address at to learn about candidates and ballot questions they will be voting on, and compare candidate responses to League questions. LWVCA invited candidates for Charleston City Council to participate in the VOTE411 voter guide.


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