A Geek to Go for all of your computer woes

Miles West of A Geek to Go
Miles West

by Sandra Stringer

Miles West is the main “geek” of A Geek to Go. He’s completely self taught, having received his first computer when he was 13, a Radio Shack All-in-One. “It was basically a keyboard with a bunch of circuits inside. You’d plug it into the TV – that was your monitor – and the hard drive was an audio cassette recorder.”

Miles would buy magazines on computer code that Radio Shack published. He would plug the code into his computer to make programs. “Anytime I’d get around a computer I would just explore the guts”.

From formal education to DIY learning on the fly

Miles went to the University of South Carolina to study film and video and later, while living in California, went to the Santa Barbara City College to learn multimedia. He initially worked on website creation but found that in conjunction with that, “I was always fixing computers and teaching people to use their technology”.

His first experience working on Apple computers arose when he answered a service call from the wife of actor and comedian John Cleese, who had a great deal of equipment to use for this charitable work but no experience using it. If you ever hire A Geek to Go, ask Miles to tell you the whole story of their first meeting. As you might expect, Cleese is a funny man.

Miles didn’t have much experience on Apple computers either, at the time. He looked at what they had and took notes, then immediately went out and bought two books to help him on his maiden mission in the world of Macs: Macs for Dummies and the Complete Idiots Guide for the Mac. He learned on the fly and taught the Cleeses what he learned.

A Geek to Go gets going

He returned to Charleston and formed A Geek to Go when he realized that there was a market for in-home computer service. That was almost 13 years ago.

He lives and works from his home on James Island. He’s insured and licensed but doesn’t have a storefront business. He has three subcontractors working for him for both residential and business service. They go directly to people’s homes or businesses or they can remote in to computers via the internet.

They can remote into Windows, Android, iOS for phones, tablets and computers. Their focus is on internet security and data recovery, but they also work on other gadgets in the home, everything from Smart TVs to the GPS in a car to X Boxes.

A Geek to Go logoA subscription service to keep you fine tuned

Miles has a managed services program that currently has over 160 subscribers. Whether you’re a residential user or a business owner, for an annual (resident) or monthly (business) rate, A Geek to Go can remotely manage security and updates.

Miles says, “If you have a computer that is connected to the internet, you will get infected with a virus at some point. An anti-virus program gets an update once a day and that leaves 23 hours for your computer to get inundated with other things”.

Miles adds, “If we can’t fix it, I’ll find someone who can”. The best way to reach A Geek to Go is to call or text Miles at 843.557.9378. You can learn more about A Geek to Go at their website.