Grumpy Goat Cantina now open on Harbor View Road

Jack Warren
Jack Warren

by Sandra Stringer

Let’s start with a very brief personal review of the Grumpy Goat Cantina: delicious seafood and Tex-Mex plus fast service. If those two assets appeal to you, go! Partake!

How the Grumpy Goat came to be

Owner Jack Warren came up for the name of the restaurant when he and his wife were on vacation in Mexico. It seemed that on every excursion they took, there were goats “and there always seemed to be a grumpy one”.

Jack moved to Charleston in 2004 and started working at 82 Queen. Then, for the past ten years, he has been with Coast Bar and Grill. Having his own place was “always the dream”.

Now open and ready to serve you

Their soft opening was surprisingly busy and Jack is happy, now that they’re open, to see that people seem pretty excited to have a new restaurant in the neighborhood. When asked what he thought his potential diners might like to know ahead of time, he said, “Good food, good service. We really tried to make a value-based menu, having enough lower priced items that you could come in and get a taco and a beer multiple times a week. We also offer a few nice bottles of wine and entrées in the $20 range so you can come in and have a date night”.

The Grumpy Goat is open for dinner from 4:00 to 10:00 pm daily and for brunch on Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 am. They are located at 1023 Harbor View Road, just to the right of Smith’s Cleaners.

Grumpy Goat Cantina menu

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