Hands Across the Sand is a message to our elected officials

by Sandra Stringer

On May 20, the 8th Annual Hands Across the Sand took place at the Pier on Folly Beach. Speakers included Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin, Edisto Beach Mayor Jane Darby, Charleston City Councilman Mike Seekings, and James Island Mayor Bill Woolsey. Hands Across the Sand is a response to threatened seismic testing and offshore drilling.

This event, founded in 2010 in reaction to the BP oil disaster that year, brought people together to join hands as a symbolic barrier against the threat of offshore drilling for oil and gas.

This message of clean energy has once again become critical as President Trump recently signed an Executive Order to expand offshore drilling. While many in the oil and gas industry proclaim that restricting offshore drilling was the work of environmental extremists, those who live on the coast worry about a repeat of the BP oil disaster and work to encourage elected officials to find more environmentally responsible ways to serve the energy needs of the country.

Mayor Bill Woolsey reaffirmed the Town of James Island’s support for banning offshore drilling on our shores.

See photos here.

People standing hand in hand on Folly Beach for Hands Across the Sand


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  1. Thank you to Town Councilman Garrett Milliken for working with Oceana to write the Town’s Resolution Opposing Offshore Drilling and Seismic Testing, and to council for passing it unanimously! This encouraged other municipalities to do the same. Thank you, Samantha Siegel and Oceana!

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