How to hunt for Shark Teeth

Sharks teethby Becca Savage Lovett

1. Walk slowly along the shore, head down. Get bored and distracted after 15 minutes. Buy an ice cream.

2. See 10 people post awesome pics of teeth they found. Vow to try again.

3. Walk slowly along shore, head down. Put Ice on your neck when you get home.

4. Walk Slowly along shore for 3 hours with head down. Discreetly flip the bird at the 8 year old girl who had 12 teeth in her plastic bucket. Put ice on your neck and make appointment with chiropractor when you get home.

5. Post nice comments on Facebook to the people who found 8 teeth in five minutes while muttering under your breath: I hate you.

6. Walk Slowly along shore for 5 hours. Find one by the bathroom 3 minutes before you leave!

7. Take pics of tooth, post them of Facebook, Build a shrine for it, sacrifice virgins to it…

8. Walk along shore, find 2. You are a pro man!

9. Find a tooth or two or three on each walk. You are so hooked on this stuff man.

10. Arrange your teeth in all sorts of patterns, take pics. You love your widdle teefies.

11. Build a sifter out of an old pallet and screen.  You will DOMINATE the beach with your Shark Tooth hunting self! Go you!

12. Rent a back hoe, destroy 3 sand dunes to find the 6” Megladon you know is in there somewhere.

13. OK, not really but you so would if you could.

14. Toss your 8000th tooth in the box in your closet and post on Facebook “Hang in there! You will find one! All it takes is one!!”