The Island Bazaar is as much about memories as it is decor

by Liz McCafferty

If you haven’t been to the Camp Road Center vintage resale store in a while, you may be in for a surprise. About two years ago, Paul Harris took over the space next to the Town Hall (formerly Jimmy’s Island Treasures).  The shop featured a varied group of antique and collectable vendors. Now called The Island Bazaar, Harris gradually expanded his own space as other vendors left the shop.  Now it’s a cohesive collection of mid-20th century furniture and accessories.

“The Island Bazaar is as much about memories as it is decor,” Harris said. For Harris, the memories date back to visits with his grandparents. The furniture and decor he saw in their home kindled a lifelong passion for collecting this period’s pieces. A wooden kidney-shaped coffee table with white marble insert is a prized possession.

Furniture and decor at the Island Bazaar on James Island

Mid-Century Modern furniture and decor refers to a type of design introduced to post-War American homes in the 1950s and 1960s.  The furniture is easily identified by the straight, clean lines accentuated by smooth curved angles. Many of the popular designs of the period were created in Denmark and were introduced to the United States as “Danish Modern” through American manufacturers.

The minimalist design relies on wooden construction but could also include fiberglass or metal.  Accessories and decor feature geometric or asymmetrical shapes and abstract patterns. The popular TV series Mad Men epitomized the look, but for many homeowners, even one piece can make a powerful statement.

Furniture and decor at the Island Bazaar on James Island

The Island Bazaar website positions the shop as an upscale co-op vintage and resale store. Harris considers it a perfect destination for homeowners and decorators who want to escape “point and click” shopping.  “Vintage items add a personal touch to any home,” Harris said. “And the best part?  The chances of seeing the same item in someone else’s home is slim to none!”

Harris shares ‘the thrill of the hunt’ collectors and aficionados get when they reclaim a vintage piece.  Judging by the continually evolving layers of curios found in The Island Bazaar, Harris’ penchant for the cherished memories of 1960s pop culture shows no sign of waning. Glancing around the jam-packed showroom, Harris grins.  “I’m a very good shopper,” he admits.

The Island Bazaar is located at 1238 Camp Road, at the Camp Shopping Center.

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Furniture and decor at the Island Bazaar on James Island.


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