A message to my neighbor with the dead television

A broken television by a trash canby Sandra Stringer

This is a message to a certain neighbor of mine: dude, I love you, but that broken television has been sitting next to your trash can for over a year now!

You figured out that it would NEVER be picked up by the curbside by literally anyone ever, so you stowed it by the side of your house where you keep your trash bin and your blue recycling bin and…it’s not even useful as a place for birds to nest. Maybe snakes go in there? Or mice? I don’t know, but it’s time. It’s time for you haul it to your local Recycling Convenience Center.

What, you don’t have time to drive to Bee’s Ferry? Well, have I got news for you! We have our own spot right here on James Island where you can take your ALL of your unusual recycling! It’s true!

Where is it?

Staffed Convenience Center for James Island
1716 Signal Point Road, James Island
Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Wednesday and Sunday, 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.

What do they collect?

Appliances, large (e.g., refrigerators, washers, dryers)
Batteries, lead-acid (car, truck, boat)
Batteries, Ni-Cd (rechargeable)
Cans (aluminum, steel)
Compact fluorescent light bulbs and fluorescent (tube) light bulbs
Electronics, household (televisions, computers, computer monitors, and printers)
Glass (brown, green, clear)
Hazardous household materials (See a complete list of items accepted.)
Paint (oil and latex)
Paper (office paper, brown bags, magazines, mixed paper, newspaper and inserts)
Plastic bottles and containers
Scrap metal
Telephone books
Used motor oil, oil filters and motor oil bottles (Leave caps on.)
Yard trimmings

It’s easy, and if you go out to lunch afterward as a reward to yourself, it’s totally fun!


8 thoughts on “A message to my neighbor with the dead television

    1. Ours is a three minute drive from my house and is super “user friendly ” if all the happy reports I’m getting are accurate!

  1. There’s also a Facebook group called The CRT Collective with a few thousand people in it who would love to take an old TV off your hands, and some of them are even in this area. Post there and they’ll probably haul it out of the basement or down the stairs and out the door for you!

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