Nano Farmers Market brings vegetables and so much more

Alexandra Purro
Alexandra Purro

By Sandra Stringer

Nano Farmer’s Market had a soft opening in March. Their Grand Opening was on April 6 with a ribbon cutting ceremony including Mayor Bill Woolsey, and they’ve been going strong ever since.

Alexandra Purro and her family started the Nano Farmer’s Market. The fruits and vegetables they sell come from their own farm and from small family farmers all over the state.

More than just fruits and veggies

The Nano Farmer’s market doesn’t just have produce. The vendors there sell clothes, porch swings, fresh bread, pies, tacos, and whatever else vendors bring in. Vendors come and go as they wish. Alexandra says, “The community support is blossoming, and it’s very nice. We’ve had a lot of welcoming.”

Veggies at Nano

Nano has a home delivery business where people customize their basket order which is brought right to their door. “They don’t have any commitment to order every week. I tell people it’s like groceries – you don’t go shopping if you don’t need to”.

It’s like a CSA, but it is not a traditional CSA. Alexandra points out that “instead of helping one farm, you’re helping several farmers throughout the state.” To order, go to their Facebook page, find their latest post on basket delivery to see what fruits and vegetables are available this week, and follow the instructions in the post.

Where to go

Pies at NanoCurrently between the area for parking and the market there is a large drainage ditch. They have future plans to build a bridge over it, but for the time being make sure to walk around it!

Nano Farmer’s Market is next door to the Emanuel Baptist Church on Folly Road, straight across from Pet Helpers. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm for the produce stand. They also have a market every Thursday from 4-7 pm where specialized vendors come in with pastries, clothes, pre-made meals, jewelry, and other specialty goods, although vendors sometimes come in on the regular Tuesday through Saturday hours too.

See you there!


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