New restaurant on James Island: Edison is now open!

Edison restaurantby Sandra Stringer

Wednesday, April 26, a new restaurant called Edison opened on James Island at 1014 Fort Johnson Road. The chef and owner is Joel Lucas, and he is bringing an elevated dining experience in a casual atmosphere to the neighborhood.

A little background

Lucas has worked in kitchens for 30 years: “Baltimore to D.C. to Charleston to St. Croix in the Virgin Islands”. He and his wife, Chelsea Lucas (Edison’s Bar Manager), live in Mt. Pleasant and found that the properties to open a restaurant were a little too expensive.

Chef and owner Joel Lucas
Chef and owner Joel Lucas

Joel Lucas “went on the internet, made a list and drove around for about five hours. I found this place and said, ‘this place looks absolutely perfect’. Not too small, not too big. Even in some of the places I worked in D.C. there were neighborhood-style places, and that’s what I wanted to do here.”

What about the food?

The menu will include French, Italian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Lowcountry cuisine – a little bit of everything. Lucas has planned a menu of elevated cuisine in a casual atmosphere.

Bar at EdisonLucas said that “the thing I dislike about fine dining is that you feel like you can only go there once every two months or something like that because generally [fine dining restaurants] are so expensive. Edison is a place where you can go out for some elevated cuisine but at the same time have it be affordable and approachable.”

Go check out the menu

The lunch menu includes soup, salads, and sandwiches and can go from the old favorites like the Hot Pastrami to the definitely fancy Chilled Shrimp Tartine.  If you are a fan of building anticipation, the best part of going to a new restaurant is reading the menu beforehand.

Dining room at EdisonMost of the menu is geared to meat eaters, but it’s nice to see that vegetarians can get a wonderful meal there too. As a mostly vegetarian I’d go for the Tuscan Onion Soup, the Truffled Pear Salad, and the Wild Mushroom Melt. Then I’d come back for dinner and have the Sweet Potato and Chipotle Bisque, the Goat Cheese Tartiner, the Grilled Asparagus, and the Herb Gnocchi.

You can go and get your taste buds fired up for your particular sensibilities. Visit their website, which also includes their craft beer selection and wine list, as well as their dessert selection. There’s a kids menu too!

Drop in for a meal or just to have a glass of wine or a craft beer at the bar. Edison’s hours are 11 am to 9 pm during the week, 11 am to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday, and they are closed on Sundays for the time being. See you there!

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