Paw Talk: Darla, Sketch and Fetch, and the Kitten Shower

Darla the cat

by Catherine Forester

Hello there, my name is Darla and I will be giving tips on how to be the perfect Diva. I have been in and out of the shelter system for the past 4 years and have made it through these hard times by maintaining my Diva mentality and strength.

What does it mean to be a Diva? It means never settling for less than you deserve, always look your best, being polite and appreciative, and knowing that it is okay to say no when you are tired of being pet.

I know my purrfect human partner is out there, and when it is meant to be it will be. Until then, I will be sharing my Daily Darla tips on how to be the perfect Diva! Tip 1: Eyes are the windows to the soul, always be sure to clean out the eye boogies.

Fetch & Sketch flyerBe sure to look out for The Daily Darla every morning on Pet Helpers Facebook Page!

Project Sketch and Fetch!

Please join us this Friday in the Pet Helpers Lobby from 6 to 7pm for our first ever Art Show! The students at Creative Arts Elementary have been hard at work the past few months painting some of our adorable adoptable pets.

All art work will be for sale and the proceeds will be donated to Pet Helpers to help care for our animals. Come show support and see all the hard work these kids put into helping our animals!

*Refreshments will be provided!*

Kitchen Shower flyerKitten Shower

It’s that time of year again and it is already pouring kittens! We need all the extra hands we can get to help foster and nurture these tiny kittens until they are of age to find the purrfect home.

If you are interested in fostering neonatal kittens please attend our Kitten Shower this Saturday from 10 am-1 pm in the Pet Helpers lobby. We will be demonstrating how to properly care for and bottle feed these tiny babies.

Please bring a donated item from our Kitten Wishlist in attending.

Catherine Forester is the Pet Helpers Correspondent for the Bugle. She is the Marketing and Graphics Manager at Pet Helpers. Pet Helpers is located at 1447 Folly Road. You can call them at (843) 795.1110 if you have questions.


Kids working on art for Fetch & Sketch