Paw Talk: Goofy and Unchain Charleston

Goofy the dog

by Catherine Forester

Our Pet of the Week is Goofy! Goofy is a 1 year old lab mix with nothing but love and laughs to give. This big boy has had a bit of rough start to his little life but is now ready to find his forever family. Goofy loves to cuddle and his snores will let you know he is comfy. He makes the perfect nap partner.

Besides napping, Goofy loves to play with a good bone or ball. He is very curious and loves to stare out the window. Once you hug this boy, you will not want to let go. Come meet Goofy today!

Freedom for Lizzie
Lizzie before the build.
Before the build.

It is hard for anyone to imagine leaving a family pet chained outside in the elements day in and day out. Unfortunately, that is the sad reality for hundreds of dogs across the Lowcountry. Many have little to no shelter or room to move freely.

Lizzie was living her life chained to a tree with limited room to roam. She would anxiously get tangled around the tree. The family wanted more for their dog but did not have the funds to build an enclosure for Lizzy.

Through a generous sponsor and the help of volunteers through Pet Helpers Unchained Charleston Program,
Lizzie is able to run unchained and play in a safe fenced in area. These photos show that Fences Give Freedom!

Lizzie after the build.
After the build.
One fence at a time…

It is the mission of Pet Helpers’ Unchain Charleston Program to change the world for these animals one fence build at a time. One build gives a dog the ability to move freely without being chained to the ground and a home with shade for relief from the blistering Carolina sun.

There is nothing like witnessing the moment when a chain is broken and freedom is given for the first time. Please like our Unchain Charleston Facebook page and watch the videos for yourself. Help us give dogs like Lizzie a new leash on life.

How can you make a difference today?  Please consider sponsoring a fence build or donating one of the items on our Unchain Charleston Wish List. Sign up to volunteer by visiting our website and be part of this amazing team!

Unchain Charleston logoCatherine Forester is the Pet Helpers Correspondent for the Bugle. She is the Marketing and Graphics Manager at Pet Helpers. Pet Helpers is located at 1447 Folly Road. You can call them at (843) 795.1110 if you have questions.