A photo and poem by Henry Horres: Tomorrow

Tomorrow Will tomorrow find you, With thoughts of yesterday, Of things you didn't do, Or words you didn't say? Remembering in the midst of now, Some goal unreached in sorrow, And giving self a solemn vow, To reach that goal tomorrow? Or will you spend each passing day, In living free and bold, Before the years have flown away, Before the fires of youth grow cold? In answering, remember this- Life is a fickle host, Tomorrow's just a promise, And yesterday's a ghost! Poem by Henry Horres

Photo and poem by Henry Horres, Jr., who is a supporter of and contributor to the Bugle. He is also a News Analyst, Professional Information Consultant, Poet, Photographer and Artist. A resident of James Island since 1959 and a former Realtor, he has seen many changes since moving here. He has plans to write a book about the Island’s history, and is seeking old photos and stories to be included. Henry can be reached at hhorres@knology.net.


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