Salvage from the storms: Gloria Sherman makes the most of it

Gloria Sherman's salvage projects.
Gloria Sherman’s salvage projects.

by Henry Horres

January 3, 2018

Today reminds me a little of 1989 when two major storms hit James Island. They were Hurricane Hugo, and a massive winter storm that had no name that I am aware of.

Though not in the same year, Tropical Storm Irma and Winter Storm Grayson visited the Island about the same number of months apart in 2017/2018. James Island came to a virtually standstill in both instances. And for local artist, photographer and recycler Gloria M. Sherman, both have a connection that she has captured in this group of photos.

After Irma, Gloria noticed a lot of salvageable material beside the streets of James Island, and Folly Beach as well. Lumber, doors, windows, and other items were begging to be re-purposed. And she had a plan for it. A few years back, we lost some plants to a cold snap, and Gloria vowed to build a garden shed to see that it didn’t happen again.

She worked for weeks putting it together, using some dock boards salvaged from repairs to Folly Pier as the pièce de résistance. The front porch of her “Irma Garden Shed” is made entirely of pieces of the Pier.

And she finished it none to soon. As evidence by today’s winter storm Grayson. In fact, not leaving anything go to waste, we enjoyed the warmth of some remaining scraps of lumber in the fireplace during the brief power outage.

Gloria Sherman's shed made from salvage.
Gloria Sherman’s shed made from salvage.

Henry Horres, Jr. is a News Analyst, Professional Information Consultant, Poet, Photographer and Artist. A resident of James Island since 1959 and a former Realtor, he has seen many changes since moving here. He has plans to write a book about the Island’s history, and is seeking old photos and stories to be included. Henry can be reached at

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