Sandtiger caught off Folly Beach before sunrise

Rick Stringer caught this sandtiger off Folly before sunrise. He says, “The sandtiger is a fierce looking shark that can be seen in most large aquariums as it tolerates captivity and is long lived. They look dangerous but are not implicated in attacks and are fish eaters. They get fairly large, up to ten feet and around five hundred pounds. This one was 8’4” in length and was a male. This kind of a crappy video, but it was still pretty dark and I was sleepy! I thought I tagged it before it was released, but later found the mangled tag at the base of my tagging pole; they have extremely tough, thick skin. You can always tell that you are fighting a sandtiger when you see large bubbles come to the surface. They gulp air for buoyancy, and release it when hooked to make themselves heavier. They are protected now by law, so all sandtigers must be released.”

Click here to see to see video.

sand tiger shark in the water