Swing Dreams makes old beds into new swings to dream in

Jimmy Sprinkles
Jimmy Sprinkles

by Sandra Stringer

Jimmy Sprinkles started looking at swing four or five years ago because his wife wanted to put one on the porch. Little did he know that the search for a porch swing would lead to a new vocation and passion for him.

An idea turns into a business

“I saw the bed swings people were making and I thought ‘Well, why not make them out of beds?” That is how his business, Swing Dreams, got started.

Jimmy buys old bed frames made of solid wood and turns them into bed swings. He refinishes and repaints most of them with two or three coats of paint and two coats of polyurethane to protect them from the elements. For bedding he using a water resistant poly fiber wrapped around foam cores. He says, “each and every one is different and one-of-a-kind because I shop just about everywhere to find them. I can take a king size bed and when I convert it over it takes a full size mattress.”

Sleeping outdoors can be a dream

Jimmy does custom work and has built some of his frames from scratch. “You can sleep on ‘em. I call them reborn beds. I’ve given them a new life.”

Right now he sells his swings at the Nano Farmer’s Market, which is located next door to Emanuel Baptist Church across the street from Pet Helpers. The market is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Swings at Nano Market


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