The Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park Annual Pass

Wild Blue Ropes climbersWhen you first heard about the new Wild Blue Ropes Annual Adventure Pass, you might have thought “We don’t go more than a few times a year – why would a person need a yearly pass?” Because the discount that comes with having a WBR 2018 Adventure Pass makes it worth the purchase, especially when you consider that it pays for itself in only 4 visits to the course!

So what exactly is a Wild Blue Annual Adventure Pass?

The newly created 2018 Adventure Pass is a ticket that lasts for the entire year versus a single entrance pass to the park. WBR’s annual Adventure Pass includes unlimited access to Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park, anytime Wild Blue Ropes is OPEN for general admission. Passes are valid through 2018. Financially it makes sense for anybody visiting more than 4 times a year, and especially if you’d like to come more often.

No doubt about it – the Wild Blue Adventure Pass is a tremendous value! Here are the types and prices for each type of annual pass:

  • Individual Pass = $199 plus tax
  • Couple Pass = $349 plus tax
  • Family 3 Pass = $449 plus tax
  • Family 4 Pass = $549 plus taxThere are many easy ways to purchase a Wild Blue Adventure Pass:
  • In person at Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park
  • Online through /embeds/book/wildblueropes/ite ms/69720/availability/98981515 /book/
  • By calling Wild Blue Ropes at (843)225-1555
  • Via email to
Wild Blue Ropes climberTerms and Conditions

A few terms and conditions do apply to using a WBR Adventure Pass. WBR 2018 Adventure Passes are non-transferable. Passes cannot be combined with other specials, deals, or offers. Passes cannot be used for special events. Passes cannot not be used for the WBR Ninja Fit course.

We understand that buying a Wild Blue Adventure Pass isn’t a spontaneous or impulsive purchase. Most of us simply just don’t have a bunch of disposable cash lying around.  If you are thinking about buying an annual pass to Wild Blue Ropes Adventure Park, you will want to make sure that you will be visiting the park enough times that the price-per-day you pay for the annual pass is less than the regular WBR price-per-day. If so – this deal just can’t be beat!

So go ahead James Island – make this year the one where you commit to great outdoor adventures!


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